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Wherever You Are

Project: Brand Campaign   Role: Strategy, Development, and Direction   Production Agency: Sequitur


Brand Campaign

Rasmussen University offers associate's, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees and has 23 campuses and is online nationally. 


The 'Wherever You Are' campaign was developed to amplify the University's brand promise and was successful as proved by improved brand sentiment scores, YouTube reach, spend, and favorable recall via in-app survey, and positive focus group creative testing immediately following launch.


Following the launch and success of the campaign I developed and led the production of an alumni documentary video series. While the 'Wherever You Are' campaign delivered the reasons to believe, the documentaries further provided the social proof for reputation, which was a top concern for prospects next to support, as identified through research and focus group testing. This project was also successful as proved through viewing sessions, and direct and assisted conversions.

Project: Television and Over The Top Media   Role: Creative Direction, Script Writing, Storyboards, Post

YouTube sequential storytelling ads served throughout the viewing experience: :06 Unskippable Tease > :15 Skippable Amplify > :06 Unstoppable Echo
Role: Creative & Strategy Director, Scriptwriting, Storyboards

Project: Brand video cuts for social channels

Project: Static and animated assets for social and display

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