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Project: Brand Development   Role: Brand and Creative Director


Project: Brand Activation Video   Role: Strategy, Storyboard, Script, and Creative Direction   Motion Production: Nicole K.

Rasmussen University offers associate's, bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees at 23 campuses and online nationally. 


The Rasmussen brand represents the mission and values of our organization. It is how we perceive ourselves as an institution, how we aim to be viewed in the communities we serve and how we’ve aligned on how to best speak and visually communicate to current and potential students in a consistent, authentic and relevant voice and tone.

I developed Brand Guidelines in collaboration with client leadership and internal subject matter experts to define, guide, align, and measure marketing creative development in a single digital source of truth. 


The brand elements will demonstrate strength, optimisim, and confidence.

Project: Brand Guide Visual Introduction Videos   Role: Creative Director   Motion Design: Nicole K.


A history of transforming lives and innovating in higher education brought to life. Weaving the very essence of the distilled brand architecture pillars into a 100+ year legacy as a call to action in redefining the future.

The brand history video was launched at the organization wide annual summit, linked to in press releases regarding the brand and name updates, placed on the homepage of the website, added to welcome email drip campaign content, and deployed and boosted on social. The KPI's for this video were click-throughs and views as measured on YouTube (3.4k views).

Project: Brand History Video   Role: Creative Director and Scriptwriting   Motion Production: Nicole K.


Strong, confident heros and skills demonstrations bring the Rasmussen brand vision to life across all audience touchpoints. I trained my team in photography and videography planning, producing, and directing while creating processes with my client to ensure aligned intake and execution.

Photography Directors: Jill K., Sean L., Kelly M., Andy F.

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