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Quarterly Referral Campaign

Role: Creative Strategy and Direction

Referral is Rasmussen University's largest recurring campaign. It runs quarterly with a goal of convincing Rasmussen University students and alumni to refer people to the University because of their positive experiences and outcomes. 


The strategy is to work within the brand framework of Every Step Lifts You—to amplify and celebrate all of the wins along a students journey and harness that momentum into referral. Each quarter a new creative execution under the consistent and campaign brand building umbrella of Be Bold is created with the goal that each campaign generate more referrals than the previous.

Campaign Landing Page

Organic Social Stories

Email Automation

A comprehensive 12 week email automation campaign with segmented audiences to target the right people at the right times.

Campus Support

Monitor Slides

Cafeteria Table Tents


Additional Quarterly Campaign Creative Samples

Landing Page


Facebook Paid

Table Tents


Campus Student Portal Banner

Facebook Paid

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