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Roles: Creative Director, Designer, Illustrator, Motion Design, Editing, Copywriting


Project: Logo + Brand Book   Role: Creative Director

The creation of the Soothems brand was a passion project with former co-workers. Our mission? To improve the quality of life of children suffering from sensitive skin conditions like atopic dermatitis, eczema, skin allergies, and xerosis (dry skin).

Working with my partners I built the Soothems brand from scratch using market insights and input from parents with children suffering from skin conditions. My contributions included:

  • Name and logo ideation-to-creation

  • Identity and packaging design

  • Brand development

  • Marketing strategy, design, and direction

  • Website development

  • Email campaign strategy and creation

  • Brand and ad video development

  • Book editing, illustration, and publishing

  • Product print design

Success was defined and measured through social engagement, email click-throughs and purchases, website performance tracking and purchases.

Project: Brand Explainer Video   Role: Creative Director, Motion Design, Copywriting

Project: Brand Storybook   Role: Creative Director, Editing, Illustration

Project: Digital Display Assets   Role: Creative Director, Designer, Copywriter

Project: Web Banners   Role: Creative Director, Designer, Copywriter

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